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The Joys of Coloring

The recent surge of interest in coloring books for adults reminds us how good coloring is for children, as well.

Aside from the meditative state it encourages, the unplugging from technology that it requires, its anywhere/anytime versatility and the color sense it can help children develop, coloring improves children’s fine motor skills. This has significant benefits for the neatness and legibility of handwriting and overall dexterity. These gains are not to be taken lightly. The ability to draft essays and drawings by hand uses different parts of the brain than keyboarding; and is important for the careful development of ideas.

Coloring is a wonderful alternative to giving a child a phone or ipad to distract them. But where to source coloring books or even individual coloring pages from? Well, you can now print them out from your computer. Over 100 museums, archives and institutions have published their own coloring books as pdfs—-culled from their world-class collections. You can access them anywhere and print them out yourself.

Coloring images from The British Library, Biblleotheque Nationale de France, various Medical Libraries and Botanical Gardens opens children up to a wide range of aesthetics, periods, and subject matter. This is a great gift to schools, families,, libraries and children everywhere. So color away!

Heather Miller