About the Workshop

About the Workshop


The Prime Time Parenting Workshop is for schools, PTAs and any other organization that wants to help families and children thrive in the digital age.  It is filled with humor, hard data, and fascinating stories of real-life families, teachers and children.

The workshop can be customized to the specific interests and goals of the audience. 


 The Challenges of Raising Children in the Digital Age 

The Information Age has transformed the way we live, work, communicate and even relate to one another. Amid many positive changes, there are some downsides to a screen-saturated world. What are the risks of too much screen-time for ourselves, our children and our families? 

Heather Miller provides a fascinating overview of this topic, supported by a wide range of studies.

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A Two-Hour Weeknight Routine

How can parents achieve a balanced, happy family life  amid the hectic flurry of week nights? Heather Miller takes the audience through the "two hour solution"; a time devoted exclusively to active parenting and screen-free living.

Heather shows how parents can help their children develop strong work habits, organizational skills, a love of reading and good conversation and a relaxed bedtime routine.

An important benefit of Prime Time Parenting is that parents have more evening time to themselves, too. 


The Benefits of Prime Time Parenting

From calmer homes to better relationships to stronger academic and social skills, the benefits of a two-hour-a day investment in our families is substantial. 

Learn all the ways your children---and yourselves as parents---will profit from this week night ritual. 

Bringing the Prime Time Parenting Workshop to Your School 

We would love to bring the Prime Time Parenting Workshop to your school.

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